• One Step Paint Sample

    The Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint is a revolutionary new paint product that allows you to transform furniture, cabinetry and everything in-between with just one swipe of rich, chalky-soft color- yes- it’s that easy. You can even use this on Formica, plastic, metal, and lacquered wood – and yes – it is that good!

    Choose from the 52 custom colors.
    You’ll need:

    • Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint
    • Stir stick
    • 3-4 China Bristle brushes
    • Amy Howard At Home Light wax (optional)
    • Amy Howard At Home Dark wax (optional)
    • Amy Howard At Home Dust of Ages (optional)
    • Cardboard palette (for waxes)
    • T-shirt rags (for waxes)
    • Degreaser

    One Step Paint Instructions:

    1. Wipe down object’s surface to clear any dust, dirt, etc. (We suggest using a degreaser such as Simple Green)
    2. Thoroughly shake the One Step can for 1-2 minutes.
    3. Open lid of One Step with a can opener and then stir with stir stick. (This shaking will bring the pigment from the bottom of the can)
    4. Use a China bristle brush to coat your object with one coat of One Step Paint. Do not allow the paint to become too thick in areas because the paint is at such an opaque quality.
    5. Once object is covered in one coat, allow the object to dry for about 30-45 minutes.
    6. Apply second coat of One Step Paint.
    7. Allow to dry for 30-45 minutes. You want this second coat to be completely dry if you are applying wax after…

    *If you desire your piece to have that dead, chalky finish, you may leave the second coat as is! There is NO sealing required for One Step Paint!

    Enjoy the Bragging Rights!


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