• Natural Legno Gesso

    Amy Howard At Home Legno Gesso, an Italian term meaning “furniture gesso,” is applied to wood furniture in several layers to create a smooth surface for applying paint and gilded finishes. Old World artisans used Legno Gesso to build up a surface for carving reliefs, revealed today as the chalky white material that is exposed on chipped antiques. Legno Gesso application is the second step in the Amy Howard At Home Toscana Finish process.

    Legno Gesso Instructions:

    Toscana Finish Step 2: Use an Amy Howard At Home brush in light, long strokes to apply Amy Howard At Home Legno Gesso to stained wood. Apply 2-3 coats, allowing each coat to fully dry before the next. Sand to a smooth finish. Tip: To maintain a smooth finish, avoid brushing over areas just applied.

    Enjoy the bragging rights!

    You’ll need:

    32 oz Legno Gesso
    Paint Brush

    Ingredients: Albumin, Water, etc.