• Dust of Ages

    The Amy Howard At Home Dust of Ages powder aids in polishing wax topcoats to a subtle sheen and settles into crevices as if collected over hundreds of years. Use it in conjunction with other Amy Howard At Home Finish products to create a truly authentic, delicately aged finish.

    You can use this powder after using the Amy Howard At Home Waxes in order to give it that extra final touch.
    You’ll need:

    • Amy Howard Dust of Ages
    • T-shirt rags
    • China Bristle Brush

    Dust of Ages Instructions:

    1. After you have completed waxing your piece, wait for the waxes to dry about 80%.
    2. Use a clean brush and pounce in the Dust of Ages to your details.
    3. You can work on a clean surface and save any left over to put back into your can.
    4. After pouncing into crevices and carved areas, get a dry rag and buff the surface like you would as shoe.
    5. The raised areas and edges will start to get a beautiful patina that would be found on an old antique. The dust of ages will be in your crevices and add one more fabulous dimension to your finish.


    Enjoy the Bragging Rights!